Why you shouldn’t give up on going to the movies

(CNN) On Wednesday, the world’s biggest movie chain announced it may not bounce back from the financial damage of the pandemic shutdown. AMC Theaters has said it is “generating effectively no revenue,” hasn’t for some time, and doesn’t see the forecast improving anytime soon. As a professional moviegoer and lifelong cinephile, I’d like to venture a suggestion: Maybe the crumbling of Big Cinema has been a long time coming? 

White’s Woods logging: ‘There will be a lot of tears’

“In childhood the wilds seemed infinite. Along Crooked Creek in the Allegheny Mountains of western Pennsylvania there was a tract of forest we called the Big Woods. The hemlock, beech, poplar, red oak, white oak, maple, and shagbark hickory grew on slopes so steep they had never been logged… Now I would not care to visit those faraway scenes. The forest which seemed so vast to us was only a small thing after all, as the bulldozers, earth movers, and dragline shovels have proved.” 

                   — excerpt, “Shadows from the Big Woods,” by Edward Abbey

INDIANA — The author and environmentalist Edward Abbey, a native of Home, wrote these lines in 1974. They have a particular resonance now, during the latest dispute between the five-member White Township board of supervisors and a growing number of Indiana residents over the township’s plan to remove trees from White’s Woods Nature Center.